Students with Disability Affected Due to Ineffective Education

  January 21, 2021 By: INSEC

Teachers in Saptari have said that they have not been able to provide effective education to children with disabilities as there is no separate sign language curriculum.

Barsha Dahal, who has been teaching at the Deaf Children’s School in Rajbiraj Municipality-6 despite being hired for the kitchen, said that effective education could not be imparted to the disabled children as there was no separate sign language curriculum and no teachers.

Complaining that even though it takes more effort to educate the children with disabilities, the salary comes only in three months, Principal Shatrughan Prasad Yadav assured that every child with a disability would be able to get environment and opportunity.

Similarly, teachers working in contract, Gyanu Sapkota and Chandani Yadav said that the teaching style was traditional as there was no training facility for a small number of teachers.

Stating that the subjects learned by the learners would not be effective without teacher training, Ward Chairperson of Rajbiraj Municipality-6, Prem Kumar Yadav, stressed the need to make the teachers competent to use new learning technology and teach according to the difficulties of the students.

The students lamented about the discriminatory treatment of children with disabilities from their families and society.

He urged to change the old social norms of discrimination by interacting with parents and civil society on this issue.

Eight visually impaired students are studying in the public resource class at Public Bindeswari Higher Secondary School in Rajbiraj Municipality-5 and 38 students with hearing disability are studying in the Deaf Children’s School in Rajbiraj Municipality-6 where special education is conducted.

Meanwhile, INSEC, National Human Rights Commission and Education Development and Coordination Unit on January 19 inspected two schools in Rajbiraj where children with disabilities were studying. Rekha Dutta, human rights officer of the commission, said that there was a shortage.

Out of the delegation of seven permanent teachers, there are two permanent teachers and two teachers working under contract in the Deaf Children’s school and the post of office assistant is also vacant.

Article 31 of the constitution provides for the right to free higher education for persons with disabilities, Braille for the visually impaired and free education for the student with hearing disability and students who cannot speak are taught through sign language.

Manohar Kumar Pokharel