Students’ Study Affected due to lack of Teachers

  December 11, 2016 By: INSEC

The study of the students at one Primary School in Rauleshwor VDC of the district has been affected due to the lack of school. The school is operating by only one teacher.

Ghattepathar Primary School at Rauleshwor was established in 1993 and it has post for only one teacher which has affected the study of students.

Principal Karna Bahadur Madai of the school said that previously teacher was appointed privately however due to the financial reason it was not possible now.

“ The school do not have financial resources”, he said.” It is even hard to pay salary to one teacher”, he added. There are 108 students in the school.

The studies of the students have been affected due to the lack of teachers according to local parent Dharma Singh Maid.

As per education ACT-1971, the post can be reconcile however teachers cannot be added at present according to District Education Officer Lal Singh Ter.


Nari Badu