Students Padlocked School in Barkurwa for 16 days: Classes Hampered

  January 12, 2021 By: INSEC

Students of Shree Ram Basic School have locked the Shree Ram Basic School in Barkurwa of Chandranagar Rural Municipality-3 since January 24. The closure has hampared the studies of the students.

They locked the school saying that the school classrooms and grounds are dirty and smelly due to lack of physical infrastructure, toilets, drinking water, desk benches, and sanitation.

‘All the schools in the district start teaching at 10 am. However, even though the students come to our school on time, due to the negligence of the school administration, the teachers do not come on time and the school starts teaching from 1 o’clock,” said Rajesh Mahato, 12, a seventh-grader.

Stating that there is a lack of classrooms, toilets, and desk benches in the school, Mahato complained that the future of the students is at stake as there are no regular classes ongoing in the school.

According to Mahato, due to the lack of desk benches in the school, students are forced to sit on the floor in the winter season.

Rameshwor Pandit, a 13-year-old student of grade eight, said that there were problems in conducting classes due to the lack of teachers in the school.

The students have accused the school administration of keeping the desk bench locked in the room.

Sabita Kumari Mahato, an 11-year-old student, said that she had to defecate one kilometer away from the school as there was no separate toilet for the girls and the toilet in the school was not operational.

Another student, Pujakumari Pandit, said that due to a lack of teachers, classrooms, and desk benches, the school conducts classes only two days a week and in the afternoon the school is closed for one hour.

Shankar Prasad Chaudhary, 35, of Barkurwa in Chandranagar Rural Municipality-3 said that there were only two permanent teachers in the school and classes could not be conducted from 10 am to 4 pm due to lack of teachers.

Ward Chairperson of Chandranagar Rural Municipality-3 Sitaram Mahato said that the condition of the school has deteriorated due to the absence of the school management committee.

Ward chairperson Mahato informed that he has started an initiative to solve the problem seen in the school.

Although all the demands of the students are justified, the school has two primary level posts and two teachers from private sources said school Principal Saroj Kumar Singh.

He said that there was a problem in the operation of the school even though the local government did not provide guidelines for the operation of the school in time.

Budhan Sah