Student’s from Bote Community in crisis

  April 9, 2018 By: INSEC

The children from the Bote Community at Baganaskali Rural Municipality-7, Khanigaun are compelled to leave their studies in the middle because of secondary school being far away from their access.

There is an elementary school at Dailatung which is operating school up to the eight standard however for getting secondary level education, the children have to walk 2 hours compelling them to leave studies in the middle.

Mamata Bote, local student said that they had to leave house before eight in the morning and had to come home in late evening. Until now only two students have completed the SLC from the school. Students from Bote community are very poor and even out of the access from the school. They are being deprived from the education rights.

Yagya Murti Timilsina