Students Deprived of Books

  September 12, 2017 By: INSEC

Students at Chandan Nath Gurukul Pathshala are deprived of course book since eight months even after the beginning of education session.

Principal Bishwo Raj Upadhyaya of the school said that books were demanded in the first week of the beginning of the session however, until eight months, books have not been received. He added that the studies of students were affected by the crisis. Even District Education Office has not initiated the demand according to Upadhyaya.

In Chandan Nath Pathshala, 15 girl students and 25 boys’ students are studying at present.

District Education Officer Kul Bahadur Phadera accepted that books were not available despite of several demands. He added that whole supply channel is facing problem and students are in crisis. However, he is positive on getting books shortly.


Man Datta Rawal