Student admission campaign begins in facilitation from INSEC

  April 22, 2018 By: INSEC

In order to make the student admission campaign successful, INSEC has started to facilitate the admission campaign in various parts of the district.

The campaign has been initiated based on a program “Human Rights violation and atrocities and promotion of victim’s Rights” operated by INSEC. An awareness rally and door-to-door campaign has been initiated at ward number 15 Khamba of Kalaiya sub-metropolitan and JItpursimara sub-metropolitan-24, Manharwa by INSEC in coordination from ward office according to District facilitator Bhola Nath Paudel.

In the district, there are 10,000 students out of the school according to the data from District Education Office and the campaign was operated in order to cover all students so that they can go to schools.

The campaign is supported by the Child Right Awareness Group(CRAG) formed by INSEC.

Laxmi Shah Sonar