Strike, Demonstration, Vandalism and social exclusion to UML supporters called by Front cadres

  March 7, 2017 By: INSEC

United Democratic Madhesi Front’s meeting on March 7 at Saptari has decided to socially exclude CPN (UML) supporters in Saptari district.

It has declared indefinite strike urging all sectors to help and support in struggle.

Front coordinator Dinesh Yadav chaired the meeting and has demanded to declared martyr to those killed by police in the incident providing relief to victim’s family along with government job to one of the member of victim’s family.

Front has demanded High-level inclusive judicial commission to investigate about the incident and to take strong action against perpetrators, CDO of the Saptari, SP and DSP of Nepal Police along with SP of Armed Police are demanded to suspend.

Arrangements for the immediate treatment of the injured, take action against the one who permitted to conduct political program in industrial area and passing a resolution to revise the constitution amendment has been demanded by Madhesi Front.

The lawyers on March 7 demonstrated a silence rally regarding the incident of March 6. Janakpur High Court Rajbiraj Bench, Bar Association and District Bar Cell of Saptari was circled in silent protest.

3 UDMF cadre were killed in a clash when they were trying to obstruct Mechi-Mahakali national campaign of CPN (UML) on March 6.

Digambar yadav of Prasvani VDC-7, Treasurer of the District Bar cell of Saptari was seriously injured in the clash and is undergoing treatment at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan.

According to INSEC Siraha District representative, Durga Pariyar and Front leader Krishna Bahadur Yadav, the UDMF cadres on March 4 vandalized and arsoned the furniture of regional office of CPN-UML, Lahan.

Likewise, the UDNF cadre demonstrated by burning tyres at several places and forced to shut down, educational institutions, markets and shops.

A team of Police Official from Area Police Office, Lahan arrested 13 Madhesi Front cadres on the charge or vandalizing and arsoning property- informed by police. Those arrested are Krishan Bahadur Yadav, Umesh Kumar Mahato, Roshan Yadav, Baidhanath Prasad Shah, Raju Gupta, Satya Narayan Yadav, Dinesh Yadav, Dilip Kumar Yadav, Alok Yadav, Mohamad Gulab Rayin and Pariyaag Yadav along with others.

Similarly, the Front cadre vandalized (Na 4 Kha) bus at Gol bazaar on March 6 as well as involved in beating Driver Mahendra Shah Teli, 53 of Dhangadi Mai Municipality- said Inspector Rajendra Kumar Upadhyay of Area Police Office, Golbazaar. The Front cadre has arsoned two loaded trucks at Lahan and Golbazaar.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Network, and representatives of various organizations and agencies working for human rights issued a press release on March 7 drawing the attention towards the incident of March 6 where 3 Front cadres were killed by police after the clash at Rajbiraj and demanding to form high-level investigation team to take action against the perpetrator.

According to INSEC Bara district representative, Laxmi Shah Sonar, the regular life of the people in Bara district was affected by the strike. The UDMF demonstrated in various places of the district which is why the educational institution, business house and transportation was shut down.

The Party office of the CPN-UML at Kalaiya was arsoned on the first day of the strike called by the UDMF. The one involved in the incident is still unknown and UDMF has not taken any responsibility of it.

The door of the ground floor were broken to arson the cupboard however the police officials reached in place of incident immediately and stopped from huge damage- said DSP Rajendrababu Regmi of DPO. The local leader of the MAdhesi Front, Rambabu Kumar Yadav stated that they are not responsible for the incident.

According to INSEC Kapilvastu district representative, Nanda Ram Poudel, The UDMF cadre called strike to obstruct the visit to Kapilvastu  of President Bidhya Devi Bhandari and demonstrated by burning tyres and showing black flags on various places of the district and  headquarters from early morning on March 7.

Police arrested Central member of the Federal Socialist Forum, Sahasram Yadav, District Vice President, Deepak Pandey, leader Abdul Rasid kha along with 22 leaders and cadres from district administration and Gaudhichowk at 1 pm whereby they were released on the same evening in the initiation of Human Rights Monitoring Committee. Markets, industries, factories, schools were shut down in the district due to strike.

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