Stress given on joint effort to end punishment against children

  November 22, 2016 By: INSEC


The stakeholders in a program stressed on joint effort on ending punishment and other action against children.

The representatives from concerned bodies stressed against the punishment while speaking at an interaction program organized by women, children and social welfare ministry on November 22.

speaking at the program secretary Bishnu Prasad Lamsal of women and children ministry stressed that children should not be given physical or mental torture  and added that those invoolved in such action should be brought under the legal boundaries.

vice-secretary Buddha Bahadur Gurung of the ministry while presenting the working paper on government policy against the mental and physical torture against children said tht education regulation 2067 has a provision against the punishment on children.

The partcipants in the program said that children are given punishment in private schools compared to community schools and stressed on bringing awareness program to end such culture of punishment against children.


INSEC mid regional office, Kathmandu