Stress given to make local level election successful

  April 1, 2017 By: INSEC

The participants in a program ” Local Level Election and Human Rights”  organized by INSEC regional office, Kathmandu on March 31 stressed that everyone must actively participate to make a local level election successful.

Speaking at the program, INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that today’s necessity is an election and youth are ready for it. He added that it is necessary that there must be more representation of youth in the election.

Pyakurel recomended that truth must be discussed. He added that people are not divided and they are ready for election. He also said that people are ready to correct those who are against the election.

He said that mordern technologies must be used during observing election along with inter-dialouge between aware voter and candidate.

Conflict expert Shobhakar Budathoki said that local level election is an oppertunity and one should take dare to face the challenges. He added that everyone must actively participate in an election along with awaring voters.

Right activist Pradeep Pokhrel said that civil society can play vital role on fair election.

Speaking at the program, INSEC mid-regional coordinator Krishna Gautam said that human rights organizations must create human rights friendly envirnoment.


INSEC Regional Office, Kathmandu