Stress given on publicizing the Name of disappeared people

  June 17, 2017 By: INSEC

The speakers in one program have given stress on publicizing the name of people who were disappeared during a decade long armed conflict.

Speaking at the program organized by the society of disappeared fighters by the state on June 17 in memory of disappeared fighter Bipin Bhandari and Dil Bahadur Rai, the speakers stressed that the state must publicize the name of those disappeared during the armed conflict.

Rights activist Daman Nath Dhungana said that people are losing faith and added that the commissions formed for investigating conflict incident should let work.

Attorney general Raman Kumar Shrestha said that the peace process will not conclude until the incidents are not investigated. He added that the CIEDP and TRC amendment draft is ready and there is a provision of interim relief in the draft.

Chairperson Lokendra Malik of CIEDP said that the commission has started its work however it is paralyzed due to the state not providing adequate resources.

Member Shre Krishna Shrestha of TRC accepted that the commission could not work distinctly and added that the work of the commission is very complex and hard.

NHRC member Sudeep Pathak said that the families of the disappeared are still looking for their loved ones and stressed that fact should come out.

Former member Kapil Shrestha of NHRC said that if the state could not deliver the justice, the democracy will be on mockery.

Senior advocate Bishwo Kanta Mainali said that it is state’s responsibility to make public on whereabouts of the disappeared people during armed conflict. The state should provide justice to the victim’s family by bringing forward the fact.



INSEC regional Office, Kathmandu