Stress given on playing role on making local level active

  October 30, 2018 By: INSEC

INSEC founder chairperson and Human Rights expert Sushil Pyakurel stressed on role needs to be played by the civil society to make the local government active.

He expressed his view during the program held in Nepalgunj on October 30 regarding “Peace Process and Transitional Justice”. In the program, Pyakurel discussed regarding the justice of conflict victims, human rights activists, legal entrepreneur and civil society.

Senior advocate Bijaya Gupta said that those proven as a criminal must not get political shelter.


Human Rights activist Prakash Upadhyaya said that the local government must work as per the policy and law.

Majority of the speakers in the program stressed that local government must formulate planning for the justice of conflict victims .

Chairperson Bhagi Ram Chaudhary of  Sajha Chautari has accused the commissions of not being able to work.


Ramsuhawan Sonkar