Stress given on approval of Rome Statute to end impunity

  July 17, 2017 By: INSEC

The participants in one program organized in Kathmandu on the occasion of International Justice Day stressed that approval of Rome Statute of International Criminal Court is essential for ending impunity in the country.  The program was organized by INSEC and International Commission Of Justice (ICJ) on ” Struggle for Justice: Possibilities of Legal and Institutional Reform” in Kathmandu on July 17.

The chairperson of NHRC and Chief Guest of the program, Anup Raj Sharma  said that 124 countries have already approved Rome Statute of International Criminal Court and stressed that our country must give approval of Rome Statute in order to end impunity in the country.

He further stressed that it is not enough by only celebrating the international justice day, but must work hand in hand for the approval of Rome Statute. He accused state of not being responsible on delivering justice to victim.

INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that justice is autonomous and it is necessary to raise voice for the autonomous justice. The voices for the approval of Rome Statute were raised from a long time however due to the decade long armed conflict and political upheavals, the commitment were not fulfilled, he said.

Human Rights Activist Charan Prasai urged political parties to show their honesty in an agreement made on Comprehensive Peace Accord. He further stressed that the government must give approval for the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court and said that if the state is not honest on their own people the international jurisdiction will be attracted.

Speaking at the program acting secretary of Law Ministry, Ramesh Dhakal said that it is challenge for the government to fulfill its commitment made in an international level to address serious nature of human rights violation incidents.

Legal entrepreneur Govinda Bandi said that Peace Accord cannot move forward by neglecting justice and stressed that approval of Rome Statute is essential for ending prevailing impunity in the country.

Elizaen Macqueen of British Embassy stressed that political commitment is necessary for the approval of Rome Statute.


INSEC, Regional Office, Kathmandu