Stress given in coordination for protection and development of Human Rights

  April 25, 2019 By: INSEC

The participants in a program held in Lalitpur on April 25 on “National Consultation on Situation of Human Rights Defenders, Legal protection Mechanism” have stressed on joint coordination for the development and protection of Human Rights.

The program was organized by INSEC and ISCHR in Lalitpur on April 25 and 26 where participants discussed regarding the rights and challenges of Human Rights Defenders.

While inaugurating the session, the minister of law, justice and parliamentary affairs said and committed that the government is ready to ease legal and administrative difficulties effectively if needed.

He stressed on the role of constitutional commissions and their role and important role that has to be played by attorney general.

He said that the country is heading towards stability by institutionalizing the constitution. He added that in the context of changed political system, the formulating laws are human rights friendly and there is a legal system on compensating the victims. Nepal is a state party on international commitment and said that it is the obligation of the government to fulfill its commitment in an international level.

Speaking at the program, NHRC member Govinda Sharma Paudel the Human Rights Act was enforced by the voice and campaign from Human Rights Defenders and complained that the NHRC act are being shrink in the name of amending the Rights.

He said that the commission is committed on implementing the protection and promotion of Human Rights. If the amended act related to the commission is passed it will be in jurisdiction under attorney general which will be the challenge of the commission said Paudel.

Speaking at the program INSEC chair Dr Indira Shrestha highlighted the challenges of Human Rights Defender. She added that the challenges of Human Rights Defender are increasing as they are working for the protection of Human rights. She also said that the HRDs are facing physical and mental issues while working in the field of human rights and said that there must be clear act to protect them.

Chair Chandeshwor Shrestha of Bar association highlighted the issues of Human Rights defenders.

The inauguration session of the program CEDAW committee vice-president Bandana Rana said that Nepal is achieving the objective in a very short period of time. She showed her concern on increasing threat on human rights defenders in the country.

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Deepak Prasad Ghimire