Stakeholders accused commissions of being inactive

  February 2, 2017 By: INSEC

The stakeholders accused commissions that were formed with the objective to investigate conflict era incidents of human rights violation and atrocities being inactive. They accused TRC and CIEDP of not being able to work as per mandate.

While speaking at the presses meet organized by conflict victim’s common Chautari and Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) on February 2 said that the commissions have completely failed to achieve its objectives during these two years. In a press meet, AWC chairperson Charan Prasai said that the commission could not perform its duty despite of higher jurisdiction provided by the constitution, act and law.

Advocate Dr Dinesh Tripathi accused that the commission which was formed lately was formed only for illusion.  He said that the commission is not victim oriented.  In a press meet, advocate Baburam Giri, chair person Suman Adhikari of conflict victim common Chautari including many other expressed their views on commission’s work. The tenure of both commissions  are ending  in 2017, February 8.


Vibek Dhungana