Snow Fall in Northern Parts of Gorkha, Earthquake victims in crisis

  January 1, 2017 By: INSEC

The snow fall has started in Northern parts of Gorkha from the evening of December 31. Mingmar Lama of Sama Gaun-5 said that, on January first, whole day there is a snow fall. He added that till this evening, there is one-inch thick snow fall in northern part of Gorkha.

In Barpak and Laprak VDCs, on January 1, there was a heavy hail stone and rain. The earthquake victims are in trouble  the hdue to the hailstone and rain. ” There was a rain all of a sudden.  The tempreture has gone down”, said local Om Bahadur Ghale.

After the severe weather condition, locals from Laprak have moved on to their old place. The locals said that they are in a bad condition especially after a severe weather condition.


Hari Ram Uprety