Sixty killed in east in one year: INSEC

  December 31, 2017 By: INSEC

A total of 60 people were killed in various incidents in the east in past one year, according to the Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) documentation.

Of the victims, six were killed by the State side, and the remaining 54 (25 female, 29 male) from the other side, according to data made public by the INSEC amid an event in Morang on Sunday.

A total of 1,059 others were made victim of human rights violations. Likewise, 101 incidents of rape and 54 attempted rape occurred. A total of 28 were made victim of sexual harassment, while 68 incidents of polygamy and 20 of human trafficking took place.
Five women were alleged of practicing witchcraft and 267 women were victimized in domestic violence.
Speaking at the event, Manju Khatiwada, Director for the National Human Rights Commission in the east, showed concern about increasing incidents of human rights violation and stressed the need for controlling them.
Chief District Officer Ram Prasad Acharya said the district administration was working to contain incidents of human rights violation.
On the occasion, President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Morang Bandhu Pokharel and INSEC’s Morang representative Indira Bhattarai presented separate reports on incidents of human rights violation occurred in the east in the past one year

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