Six Child labor rescued

  September 15, 2016 By: INSEC


At least six child labor have been rescued from Abukhaireni Bazar on September 14 by District Child Welfare Committee on the occasion of Children Day.

Officer Santosh Godar of District Child Welfare Committee said that the children were rescued led by a team of Chief Rama Adhikari of Women and Children Development Committee, Area Police office of Abukhaireni and other active organization in the district.

The rescued children include three boys and three girls. Among them, four of them were rescued from hotel, one from car garage and one from the house.

The children are aged between 12 to 16 and all of them were kept at Children Home in Abukhaireni. They will be handed over to their parents and if not they will be kept under the protection of Children Home according to chief Adhikari.


Prakash Chandra Bhattarai