Sit-In-Protest In Baluwatar Demanding to save Gangamaya’s Life

  August 14, 2016 By: INSEC

Human Rights activists have organised a sit-in-protest in front of Prime Minister’s residence at Baluwatar on August 4 demanding to save a life of Ganga Maya Adhikari of Phujel-7 who has been staging an indefinite hunger strike demanding for justice. The program was organised by “save Ganga Maya campaign”. Police have intervened and arrested at least 11 human rights activists.

The arrestees were Human Rights activists Charan Prasai, Indra Aryal, Prabin Basnet, Suman Adhikari, Sabitri Shrestha, Shova Maharjan, Hari Krishna Aryal, Rasana Dhakal, Bhaj Raj Chapagain, Bachhu Rijal and Shushila Sharma. They were kept in Metropolitan Police Circle at Kamal Pokhari and were released after four hours.

While speaking with media personel, Prasai said that it will be a shame for the nation in an international arena if Ganga Maya ends her life during hunger strike. He demanded government to address her demands and save her life.

The participants were carrying banners and play cards demanding justice for Ganga Maya.

Ganga Maya’s younger son Krishna Prasad Adhikar,16 was abducted and murdered  by the then Maoist cadres in 2004, June 7 during conflict era.

Ganga Maya is on her sixth hunger strike in Bir Hospital since August 11 demanding to take action against the accused involved on her son’s murder. The doctors said that her health condition is getting vulnerable due to hunger strike.

Meanwhile, National Human Rights Commission has drawn its attention over the situation of Ganga Maya who is on hunger strike demanding a basic issue to get justice.

The health condition of Ganga Maya has been regularly monitored by NHRC according to the press released by the commission on August 14.

Vibek Dhungana