Silent Period Begins from Mid-night

  June 25, 2017 By: INSEC

A silent period will begin  from the mid night of June 25 in context of second phase of election that will be held on June 28 in 35 districts under the province number 1,4 and 7.

The Local Level Election Code of Conduct, 2017, restricts the dissemination or campaigning of any election activities after the beginning of silent period. The period of 48 hours before the election is called silent period.

After the beginning of silent period, none of the political parties or cadres are allowed to seek vote for and against the candidate until the end of vote counting process.

In this period, the commission has restricted the use of social media or web site for election dissemination. The commission has urged all party to strictly follow the silent period and cautioned that any party involved in violating this silent period will be severely penalized.


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