Shortage of Free Medicines in Health Centers

  March 11, 2017 By: INSEC

Chitwan Health Center (Health Post) is facing shortage of medicine. Similarly, primary health centers also do not have substantial amount of medicines. There are 35 health posts in Chitwan. But, free medicines have not been able to reach in any of these centers which have deprived local citizens from receiving it.

‘The flow of patient in health centre is increasing with the rising temperature. However, the centers always have the shortage of free medicines ‘- responded by incharge of  Pithuwa health post Chandra Bahadur Hamal. Even though it has been declared to send 35 different types of medicines, health centres have not received more than 15 kinds. According to incharge Hamal, the medicines that were sent earlier are also halted.

Public health inspector Netra Bahadur Thapa of Khaireni primary health center said, antibiotic drugs are not enough. He added, Antibiotic Amoxicillin has not been sent at all. According to him, primary health center should be receiving 54 different kinds of medicines freely however either few medicines are sent or few medicines always lacks.

He further stated- sooner or later medicines will be delivered but will not be delivered enough which deprives patients from using medicines. There are 3 primary health centers in the district i.e. Khairahani, Jutpani and Shivnagar.

Chief Bijaya Kumar Jha of District Public Health Office said that the medicines are sent immediately to the centers once they receive it. Majority of the medicines are delivered slow as they follow the tender system to distribute.

Dipendra Adhikari