Senior citizen complaints of not having a dignified life

  September 27, 2016 By: INSEC

The participants of one program held in Bhojpur complained that senior citizens are not able to live a dignified life despite of the fact that they are backbone of history.

Speaking at the interaction program organized by NHRC sub- regional office of Khotang, the participating senior citizens said that despite of society being more prosperous, senior citizen are being despised.

They further said that they are being despised by concerned guild advocating for senior citizens.

“Due to the increasing foreign employment and family structure, the quality life of senior citizens is getting pathetic. They are compelled to live alone in a house as their son and daughter in-laws are in foreign employment. Even a senior citizen from an educated family is being despised,” said Chairperson Shyam Kumar Khadka of senior Civil forum.

Senior citizen Chakra Prasad Rai said that the state itself is not looking after them.

In Act 41 of constitution of Nepal , there is a provision for the rights of senior citizens however they are victimized by state itself.

Local Development Officer Bhanubhakta Neupane said that state must bring a separate act regarding senior citizens so that they can live a dignified life.


Kiran Rai