Second Safer Abortion Service day Observed

  September 28, 2016 By: INSEC


A candle light vigil was organized on September 28 to mark second international Safer Abortion Day in Kathmandu with a motto of “ Our want: wish to free women from safer abortion”.

The program was organized in Maitighar mandala and representatives from various organizations had participated the candle light vigil wished for their reproductive rights and rights for safer abortion so that no women have to die due to unsafe abortion.

According to the record, 41% of pregnancy in women is against their will and because of this reason the abortion rate is sky rocketing globally.

A survey shows that in Nepal, 25 percentages of women are being pregnant against their will. Out of which 7.5 percent are aborting. An open debate is rising after the Muluki Ain 2059 of Nepal had allowed a safer abortion. Based on this law various organizations are providing services on safer abortion. However, this service is not enough according to the stake holder.


Vibek Dhungana