Schools in Northern Humla Closed before Final Term

  December 24, 2017 By: INSEC

At least 15 schools in northern parts of Humla were closed before completion of their final exam after the severe weather condition. The temperature has dropped to minimum affecting student’s study.

The closed schools includes three in Limi village, one in Yari, two in Muchuka, one in Chala, three in Yalbang, two in Chyadu and three in Kermi.

In other rural municipalities annual exams are operating. Normally the schools operates until the last week of December however due to the drop in temperature, the schools were closed before one month affecting the study of more than 1200 students according to local Tashi Lama of Namkha Rural Municipality-2.

Acting District Education Officer Barsha Bahadur Karki said that schools in Humla are normally closed before holding the annual exam due to heavy snowfall.


Nanda Singh