Respect Rule of Law, Not Coincidental justice: INSEC

  October 31, 2017 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has welcomed and supported the step taken by the government on arresting Bal Krishna Dhungel who is convicted as a murderer by the Supreme Court eight years ago. At the same time INSEC has demanded that this arrest should be the step of following judicial decision and process along with the respect of rule of law not the coincidental justice. Dhungel  was convicted on murdering Ujjan Kumar Shrestha of Pokali VDC-2, Okhaldhunga in 1998 June 24, during the armed conflict, while he was in Dhobihat of Ramechhap for shopping. The court, in that incident, had convicted him as a murderer.

Dhungel’s arrest came after eight years of verdict given by the Supreme Court after convicting him as a murderer and defamation case lodged against IGP of Nepal Police seven months ago.

The press released by INSEC on October 31 stated “after the arrest of Bal Krishna Dhungel, the victim’s family has received some consolation. We have been standing strong for justice and equality and at the same time protesting against the killing in the name of armed conflict. We have been equally urging to bring the accused murderer of armed conflict in to the legal boundary and charge them by making transitional law accordingly. We are equally raising voice to give symbolic punishment to the guilt of armed conflict for at least a minute. The arrest of Bal Krishna Dhungel is the evidence that the campaign for justice will pay at last.”

“The political polarization in the name of leftist and democratic power along with political inter-conflict between the parties has raised some suspicion on his arrest. The verdict of Supreme Court, in many cases, has been neglected due to the political apathy. But, the respectable supreme court on  13 April 2017 had issued an order in the name of Nepal Police IGP to hand over Dhungel to the concerned prison by arresting him within seven days by mobilizing police force. His arrest after seven months following the recent verdict by the SC has raised some suspicion. His arrest has at least shown some respect over the verdict of Supreme Court. None of the power have any gut to obstruct the justice reconciliation process by covering the incidents of armed conflict. At the same time we demand to make transitional law and take action against the guilt accordingly”, the press release stated.

The press statement signed by INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel has cordially welcome and support this step of the government and demand to follow all judicial decision and process by respecting the rule of law not the coincidental justice.


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