Residents of Limi Deprived of Iodized Salt

  June 30, 2020 By: INSEC

The residents of Til, Halji and Jang villages of Namkha rural municipality- 6 Limi are deprived of iodized salt. Around one thousand people live in these villages.

The government of Nepal has been sending iodized salt to Humla from the past 15 years but the locals of Limi claim of using rock salt that they bring from China’s Purang, informed Halji’s local Khenrav Lama. According to Lama, they have no idea regarding the iodized salt.

According to the chairperson of Namkha rural municipality-6 Palzor Lama, the necessities of Limi are brought from China’s Taklakot. To reach Limi one has to walk for four days from Simkot. Due to corona spread, Taklakot is closed and because of which, there is scarcity of food in Limi, added Lama.

On this regard, Chief of Salt Trading in Humla, Mr Raj Bahadur Lama says, Limi is 192.4 kms away from Simkot and there is no road network because of which, the iodized salt has not reached them. Lama informed INSEC that during monsoon the ponies cannot walk on those roads and in rest of months, there is continuous snowfall.

Lack of iodized salt causes thyroid, goitre, and different physical and mental problems, informed Dr Tasiangjuk Lama of District Health Service Office, Humla.

Nanda Singh