Radio Karnali office vandelized and journo attacked

  June 9, 2017 By: INSEC

The teachers of Manosarowar High School have attacked the community radio Karnali office building at Simkot Village Council-4 on the night of June 8.

The teachers were in inebriated state and they vandalized computer, printer, Telephone, laptop and other properties of the office according to station manager Nawa Raj Mahatara.

The office was vandalized by a group of teacher led by 45 years old Amar bahadur Shahi of Kharpunath Village council-1 over a financial dispute.

The group has also attacked 37 years old chief technician and FNJ district chairperson Arjun Bohara. He sustained a head injury.

The teacher involved in an attack has been arrested by the police for the investigation according to DSP Kamal Prasad Nepal of DPO.


Nanda Singh