Province Government is committed for the security of Women and Children: Chief Minister Gurung

  November 14, 2018 By: INSEC

Chief minister Prithvi Subba of Gandaki province said that his government is committed for the protection of women and children.

He showed his commitment with the representatives from the civil society while handing over the memorandum regarding the construction of Women security house and children contact house for the victims of violence. He said that the government is committed to initiate the process of building the house in coordination with Social development ministry.

He added “Lets move forward to use the infrastructure that were already been established rather than making it”.

Central secretary Ram Subedi of NGO federation said that the process of building the house was initiated from a long time however it was not successful and urged for the immediate initiation to build the house.

INSEC province coordinator of Gandaki, Shiva Khakurel said that the safe house for women and children is necessary and added that the location must be selected based on health and security factors.


Sushan Ghimire