Pressure Need to be created for investigation and delivering justice to conflict victims: Chairperson Sharma

  August 31, 2017 By: INSEC

Chairperson Anup Raj Sharma of National Human Rights Commission has said that pressure must be exerted to the government jointly by the commission, victim’s family and right activists for the investigation and publicizing the whereabouts of the disappeared people along with the delivery of justice to the victims. The program was organized jointly by INSEC , conflict victims common Chautari and OCJ in Kathmandu on August 31.

The program is organized to mark 34th International Disappearance Day. Speaking at the program chairperson Sharma of NHRC said that there is no alternative than to provide justice to the victims and pressure must be created as state is showing apathy on such serious issue.

INSEC chairperson Subodh Rak Pyakurel stressed on getting approval on international covenant related to the rights of the families of disappeared people. Pyakurel also said that the pressure must be exerted to the government to deliver justice to the victim and their families.

Suman Adhikari, chairperson of conflict victim common Chautari, protested against the working pattern of CIEDP and stressed on providing justice to the family of disappeared people. He added that the commission must be alerted on providing justice. Advocate and former parliamentarian Eek Raj Bhandari warned that the political leaders will have to pay a huge price if justice is delayed.

Advocate Govinda Bandi said that the investigation process of disappeared people is very slow and criticized the working pattern of CIEDP.

INSEC senior officer Samjha Shrestha said that the justice delivering process is getting very slow and complicated.


Subash Shah