President approves Bills on Fundamental RIghts

  September 20, 2018 By: INSEC

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has approved 16 laws related to fundamental rights issued by the federal parliament on September 16.

As per the  clause (2) of the act 113 of Nepal’s constitution, the law has been enforced from September 18.

House of Representatives Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara and National Assembly (NA) Chairman Ganesh Timilsina organised a joint press meet at Singha Durbar on Tuesday to divulge details about the bills.

Speaker Mahara said seven bills are being deliberated in the Lower House while three are in the NA. These include amendment to the widely criticized Criminal Code.

He said discussion on the bills would continue in the next session of Parliament if they don’t conclude this session.

NA Chair Timilsina defended the short-cut the federal parliament took to endorse the bills claiming that it was imperative as the bills were directly related to peoples’ lives.


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