Post Earthquake reconstruction challenging: Activists

  December 24, 2016 By: INSEC

The rights activists from Ramechhap District said that the post-quake reconstruction work has become more challenging. The activists put their views in an interaction program organized in Ramechap on December 24.

In a discussion program, INSEC mid-regional coordinator Krishna Gautam said that activists and organizations are facing difficulties to work on ESC rights especially after postquake situation. He stressed that human rights monitoring should be focused on ESC rights from now on.

He added that INSEC has been monitoring in mid-regional district like Ramechhap, Dolakha, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchok including other quake affected district to study Human Rights violation.

During the discussion program, INSEC district representative Nawaraj Pathik presented the report on human rights violations incidents in the disrict. He said that most of the incident on human rights vilations are related to post quake reconstruction.

Advocate Bichar Singh Tamang said that people are in consfusion after the state could not do any decision on quake victims. Pandav Prasai, coordinator of the netowork said that the network will initiate to monitor post-quake human rights situation.

In a program, Rajesh Mishra from INSEC central Office and Ganesh Bhandari from INSEC Mid-regional office were presented.


Nawa Raj Pathik