Wednesday , 20th March 2019

Wednesday , 20th March 2019

Political parties of Ilam violating Code of Conduct

May 26, 2017 By INSEC

The political parties in Ilam have been using vehicles for their election campaign without having permission from election commission and District Administration Office.

As the second phase of local level election is approaching, CPN UML, Nepali Congress and other political parties of the district are using vehicles for their election related activities against the election code of conduct.

However, the chief district officer of Ilam, Janak Raj Dahal said that none of the parties have taken permission to use vehicle.

District election officer Prem Kafle said that the political parties have also used big flags in the mid of the city which is against the election code of conduct. He added that the office will ask them to remove the flags immediately.

Maoist centre secretary Jeevan Sharma said that the party has put the flag after seeing all parties putiing their flag.


Kokila Dhakal