Political parties commit not to use children in election

  April 27, 2017 By: INSEC

The active political parties in Rolpa have committed not to use children in any election related activities and campaign. They have shown their commitment in a program organized on April 27.

The parties have signed the commitment letter during an inter-dialogue program held in District Children Wale fare committee in Libang for the protection and promotion of child rights. They said that they will not use children in any election related activities.

Meanwhile, the participants stressed not to use schools as an election poll. Speaking at the program Santosh Subedi, representative of Nepal Communist Party said that teachers should not be deployed during an election and election poll should not be kept in school as school is declared as a peace zone.

However, Chief Education Officer Chiranjibi Paudel said that it is not possible to put election poll somewhere else despite of school. Similarly, CDO  Dr Digen Chattarai said that putting election poll in school is not a good idea however there are no alternatives of it.


Madhav Kumar Oli