July 7, 2016 By: INSEC

The eastern regional police office of Biratnagar has initiated the investigation on taking custody of 46-years-old woman at area police office of Rangeli after the commission showed its concern.

The woman was taken into custody by Area Police Office of Rangeli while she was seeking for the justice on an incident of attempted rape on her. The regional police office has initiated the investigation after NHRC regional office of Biratnagar had asked for a written answer from District Police Office for a reason on taking custody of woman. The DPO had shown its apathy in an investigation by pointing out a woman as guilt.

DIG Keshari Raj Ghimire of eastern regional police office of Rani said that the real study on an incident has been initiated after NHRC had shown its concern over the incident. He further said that a police team led by Inspector Santosh Niraula had conducted studies regarding the incident on July 6.

The victim woman had lodged a complaint at police office on June 22 against Abhichand Mandal of Pokhariya-5 accusing him of attempting to rape her. The accused was arrested by the police however he was released later supporting the decision of Panchyat. After the decision of Panchyat, the victim was taken into custody and accused was released by the police. This incident was made public afterwards. The woman was taken into custody by police on June 25 and was released next day.

Indira Bhattarai