Saturday , 15th December 2018

Saturday , 15th December 2018

Pistol confiscated from the proportionate candidate

November 7, 2017 By INSEC

Police have confiscated three rounds of bullets and a pistol from the motorbike belonging to proportionate candidate Sushil Sikhada for House of Representative (HoR). He is the contesting the election from Maoist center.

DSP Bhesh Raj Rijal said that the weapon was confiscated from a bike with registration number Ba73Pa3386 during a random security check at Bhimsen rural municipality-3, Dhawa on November 7.

The bike rider threw a bag and absconded the place during the security check and in a bag Pistol and bullet was found according to the police.

The bike rider Gun Prasad Khanal of Bhimsen rural municipality-4 absconded the scene and the candidate is being interrogated regarding the incident according to police.

Hari Ram Uprety