Phujel Krishna Adhikari Killing Case: Court acquits 12 accused

  September 9, 2018 By: INSEC

The District Court of Chitwan has given a clean chit to 12 accused out of 13 who were charged on their involvement on killing Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Gorkha Phujel. The Court on September 9 ordered to acquit 12 accused and for the case of one accused, the court ordered to hold the hearing.

The court said that they were acquitted as there are no bases to prove their solid involvement.

A single bench of District Court judge Kul Prasad Sharma given the verdict regarding the case. The accused Sita Adhikari of former Phujel-7, Chabi Lal Paudel, Ram Prasad Adhikari, Ajib alias Parshuram Paudel, Him Lal Adhikari,Megh Nath Paudel, Bishnu Tiwari, Rudra Acharya, Kali Prasad Adhikari,Bhimsen alias Bhishma Raj Paudel, Ram Prasad Adhikari, Januka Paudel and Subhadra Tiwari were acquitted by the court.

In case of Rudra Acharya, the case has been pended. It has been stated that the decision will be given after he is presented in the court. Acharya is charged of firing bullet on Krishna Adhikari.

Nanda Prasad Adhikari, father of Krishna Prasad Adhikari had lodged complaint at District Police Office of Chitwan on June 6, 2004. After one and half year, brother of Krishna Prasad, Noor Prasad lodged an FIR against 13 people.

After pending for 22nd times, the case has decided at last on September 9. The case is being studied by Basu Dev Paudel, Kabi Prasad Neupane,Tek Narayan Kunwar and Kul Prasad Sharma.

Noor Prasad did not appear in Court

The District Court had given a date to Noor Prasad to present himself in the court however he never appeared in the court. Recently on August 20, the court had issued notice to him for his presence in the court.

The hearing was postponed for September 9 after he did not appear on the court.


Dipendra Adhikari