Person with disability deprived of service

  October 27, 2017 By: INSEC

Person with disability in the district are deprived of various services provided by the Women and Children Office because of not being able to get the disability ID card on time.

The government is providing red,blue,yellow and whiteID cards to the people with disability based on their disability intensity.

Suk Maya B.K of Chamait with complete disability could not get any services as she do not have disability identity card. Similarly, 55 years old Prem Maya Rai with physical disability and 28 years old Manmaya Tamang with intellectual disability could not get services.

The ID card can be given only after the approval of doctors after their checkup. The family members of the complete disabled people could not take them to the District Hospital which deprives them of services provided by the government.

Acting Chief Bhagwati Ghimire of Women and Children office said that a mobile campaign was operated in the district to distribute the ID card. She added that the attempt will be made again so that everyone can get the card.

In Ilam 3,840 ID cards have already been distributed to the people having disability.


Kokila Dhakal