People are facing difficulties due to the absence of all health workers in four health institutions in Bhojpur District

  November 6, 2019 By: INSEC

Absence of the health care workers after the reintegration in public service officials caused serios health care problem in Bhojpur District. Shadananda Municipality has one Primary Health Center (PHC) and thirteen Health Posts. Three months have been passed since the transfer of the doctor of PHC but there is still no prescribed doctor available due to which the locals are deprived of health services.

 Out of the 13 health posts, no health workers are available in four Health Posts of the municipality because of their transfer according to the integration process. There are no health workers in the health posts of Deurali, Boya, Kimalung and Kudakau since last four months. “Due to their absence, they have facing difficulties to manage the professional health care service in the municipality” says the Chief of the health branch of Shadananda municipality Sundar Shrestha.

 Article 35 of the Constitution describes the right to health as a fundamental right. Article 35 states that every citizen shall have the right to free basic health care from the state and that no one shall be excluded from the emergency health service. Despite the provision in the constitution, nearly 12,000 citizens of Shadananda municipality have been deprived of basic healthcare due to lack of health workers.

 According to Krishna Bogati, local citizen, due to lack of health workers, the people have been forced to go to Shankhuwasabha even when the people have small injuries or suffer from cough and cold.

Bogati further said, “From here it takes two days to go to the district hospital. The alternative is Sankhuwasabha Hospital. People have suffered a lot of problems due to lack of bridges at Satighat of Arun River“. He also added that many people die on their way to reach the hospital.

 According to a local Shankalpa Rai,the pregnant women are having problem on their regular health checkups as there are no doctors and health workers at the district hospitals, PHCs and health posts. She said it was not just absence of doctors but that she had problems during the pregnancy test as the room was not safe.

The municipality said that there was a problem with service delivery due to lack of doctors and efforts are being made to improve it. Mayor of Shadananda Municipality, Birwal Rai, said that he has requested to the provisional government of province one for solving the problem of scarcity of the health service providers. He has shared that the provincial officials have committed to provide the health care workers as per the provisioned numbers.

Ganesh Bista