Patients Suffer in the Absence of Doctors

  November 14, 2019 By: INSEC

Patients visiting the Primary Health Centre Holeri are suffering since August due to absence of doctors. At the end of July this year, there was only one doctor in Rolpa’s largest hospital. There is no doctor in the hospital now because of which  people of Rolpa are compelled to travel to Dang and other places. This has added additional financial burden on them due to the expensive travel fare.

Even for the postmortem, bodies have to be taken to the district headquarter or Dang. Due the absence of doctors, even patients with minor illness are being referred to Ghorahi, complained Nandaram Khadka, a local of Holeri in Runtigadi rural municipality-9.

The only doctor based there was transferred after which the there was no doctor in the health centre, said Runtigadi rural municipality’s Health Coordinator Ganesh Buda.


There is no alternative to referring the patients to other health facilities due to the excess visit of patients, said Radha Baral, In-charge of Primary Health Centre Holeri.

She added that though Assistant Health Workers were looking after Maternity and minor treatment services, they were not as effective as the service provided by the doctor. She further said that conducting video x-rays was a major problem.

Gopal Dangi, a local of Holeri blamed that doctors unwilling to stay in Holeri and the centre not deploying doctors has been a problem for a long time. Due to lack of information on this matter, the locals like him have been suffering most of the times.

Runtigadi rural minicipality’s chief Balaram Budha hoped of early solution saying that the information had already reached the district.

Madhavkumar Oli