Patients in Difficulties Due to Lack of Health Professional At Health Posts

  August 28, 2016 By: INSEC

People at Shyamlila VDC of the district are facing difficulties in treatment after health professional did not present at health post.

Two posts of health professional are vacant out of six and the health post is operating only with office assistant.

The office assistant Kul Prasad Parajuli is opening and closing the health post after the chief Madhu Subba, Assistant Health Worker Sajina Rai and Auxiliary nurse Mamata Rai of the health post did not come to the office according to locals.

Due to the lack of health professionals, patients are compelled to walk for three hours to headquarter for treatment according to local Ram Kumar Rai. He said that District health Office has been informed about the problem.

Similarly consumers are deprived of animal service after the animal centre office is closed according to locals. Chief Koyam Ansari and helper Dilan Rai of the office is absent for a long time according to locals which has affected the service.

Kiran Rai