Patients in crisis in absence of health workers

  November 14, 2016 By: INSEC

The patients are facing difficulties in treatment after the health workers did not return back to their work even after the completion of their holiday period. Most of the health workers were in festive holiday and since then they have not returned back to their job.

The health posts at eastern parts of Mugu, Dolpa, Kimri and Pool, northern part of Photu, Bhie, Jima, Dhainakot, Kalai, Narthapu vdc do not have any health workers.

Similarly, health workers at Hyanglu of western part, Sukadhik, Gamtha, Shrekot, Seri VDCs haven’t return back to their work which is causing difficulties for even to treat a normal ailment. These people are compelled to walk two days to reach district headquarter to get treatment.

The information officer Pashupati Shahi of District Public Health Office said that action will be taken to those if found guiltyof not returning back to their work.


Jeevan Sejuwal