Patients facing medicine crunch

  September 13, 2018 By: INSEC

Patients at Jugal Rural Municipality-3, Pangarpu are facing difficulties due to the lack of Citamol in the health post.

The health post which is known to be a remote part of the district is having medicine shortage from the last one month according to health chief Suresh Shah of Jugal Rural Municipality. According to him no budget has been allocated in this financial year to purchase the medicine and due to the geographic proximity it is being hard to supply the medicine.

Patients are compelled to go to Kattike Bazar after walking for two hours to get the treatment after the health post do not even have Citamol according to local Laxman Dong.

Chairperson Srijana Tamang of Jugal Rural Municipality said that issues will be solved very soon.

Nati Babu Dhital