Saturday , 23rd March 2019

Saturday , 23rd March 2019

Patients facing difficulty, no health professionals in health post

April 23, 2018 By INSEC

Kolti Primary Health Centre of Bajura District is without the health professionals since the past three weeks. The center is without the health professionals after Dr Bijaya Kumar Shah and Dr Satya Sahi gone for leave. The health center is being operated by Assistant Health Worker (AHW) Lokendra Prasad Jaisi.

Chief of the center, Dr Shah has not returned back from his holiday whereas other doctor is in training. The District Public Health Office however said that their holiday has not been approved as the office was not informed about it.

More than 60 to 70 patients come to the hospital in a daily basis according to the acting AHW Lokendra Prasad Jaisi.

Patients from Humla, Bajura and Mugu are facing difficulties due to the lack of health professionals at Primary Health Centers. Most of the patients were compelled to go to the other district.

CDO Lok Bahadur Chettri has monitored the health centers after patients faced difficulties since long time due to the lack of doctors.

According to CDO, alternatives are being searched as patients are facing difficulties due to the lack of health professionals. At least 4 local lveles of northern part of the district  are highly affected due to the lack of doctors in Primary Health Center.


Padam Singh