Patient in crisis due to the crunch in medicine

  March 16, 2017 By: INSEC

The patients suffering from dog bite are in crisis after the lack of anti-rabies vaccine in Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital of Rajbiraj since one month. This is the only one government hospital in this region.

In recent days there has been increase in patients suffering from the rabies after being bitten by the mad dogs. There are more than 25 patients recorded to be suffering from these diseases according to the hospital.

 Due to the lack of vaccine, most of the patients are compelled to go to the local clinic, so the number of patient suffering from this disease might be high.

There has been crunch in anti-rabies vaccine since one month and Health Department has been informed about it however no action is being taken yet according to medical superintendent Dilip Kumar Shah of the hospital.

According to AHW Manoj Dev, the patients are from the age of 2 to 50 years.

He added that when there is availability of medicine, there are more than 150 patients in the hospital. He said that the hospital is compelled to return back the patients due to the lack of vaccine. The vaccine is immunized to the patients suffering from rabies for five times after they become infected by the scratch or bite from the animals suffering from this disease. Patients are compelled to pay high price to get vaccine in local clinic whereas the government has provided it for free. Sushila Devi of Nakati Raipur-7 complained that government has violated their right to health.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel