Passenger Loaded Bus Arsoned, Bus Owner Assaulted

  March 10, 2017 By: INSEC

UDMF cadre arsoned the vehicle of ‘Swastika Travels’ (Na 5 Kha 6713) on March 9 at Rajbiraj-Rupani road section of Maleth VDC-2  for disobeying the strike.

The eyewitnesses of the incident said that the bus heading towards Rajbiraj from Birgunj was stopped and forcibly poured gasoline setting it on fire. The victim, 37 years old bus owner of Rajbiraj Municipality-6 was assaulted and beaten.  On the same morning, vehicle (Ba 7 Cha 7479) carrying NHRC monitoring team, including spokesperson Mohna Ansari was vandalized.

The strike is announced against the death of 4 UDMF cadres who were killed in the clash of March 6 as Madhesi Front cadres tried to foil Mechi- Mahakali National Campaign organized by the CPN-UML at Gajendra Narayan Singh industrial area of Saptari. The bus was arsoned for defying the strike. The 3 cadre among the four who died in the clash were from Maleth VDC.

UDMF had declared indefinite strike since March 7. The situation of Saptari is tensed as Front cadres are still demonstrating at various places of the district by burning tyres.

Manohar Kumar Pokharel