Parliament disrupted by opposition Party against  Constitution amendment proposal

  December 1, 2016 By: INSEC

The opposition parties have disrupted the parliament protesting the government’s move on registering the proposal of constitution amendment.

The major opposition party CPN UML including CPN ML, Nepal labor and peasant party have disrupted the legislative parliament against the proposal of constitution amendment saying that it will pave the pathway to break the country into pieces.

Speaking immediately after the commencement of legislative parliament meeting, vice president Bam Dev Gautam of CPN UML protested the proposal of constitution amendment and stated that it will break the country into pieces. He further accused that proposal of constitution amendment will direct the country towards other direction when there are major work to be accomplished such as implementation of constitution and conducting election.

Along with vice-president Gautam, other opposition leaders have also protested against the amendment of the constitution. After the protest, the parliament meeting was postponed until December 2.

The government had registered the proposal for the amendment of constitution in parliament on November 29 in order to address the demands of Madhesi Morcha. But even Madhesi Morcha is protesting against it by saying that this will not address their demands.


Vibek Dhungana