Ostracized On charge of Inter caste marriage

  October 7, 2016 By: INSEC

In Nepal, legally, caste discrimination have ended 50 years ago.. It is crime to discriminate any one based on their caste, religion, race or sex. However, still  there are some kind of social discrimination prevailing  in our society.

Even whole family gets victimized if a person of that family gets interracial or intercaste marriage. Inhumane incidents are happening  due to this discrimination in society.

Ambar Bahadur Jargha Magar,65 of Dimipokhari VDC-9 has become a victim on recent incident. He is still facing the impact of his son Ratna Bahadur Jarhga Magar, who had an inter caste marriage five years ago.

Ratna Bahadur had married a Dalit woman from a village, five years ago. He was displaced in Kathmandu from the village after the marriage. He was ostracized by his brothers after he married a woman from Dalit community.

The victim had lodged an application at Community reconciliation center however he was asked to lodge application at police office as the nature of incident is criminal said Rabindra Nepali of the center.


Nawa Raj Pathik