Nomination of Candidacy concludes at Province number Seven

  June 18, 2017 By: INSEC

The nomination of candidacy at province number seven has been concluded on June 18.

According to the INSEC district representative Bhupendra Sista, in all seven local levels, the nomination of candidacy has been registered exuberantly according to election office.

According to INSEC District representative Komal Niranjan Bhat of Kamnchanpur, the nomination process was conducted in a peaceful manner.

In Kanchanpur district, there nine local levels which includes seven municipality and two village councils. In the district, there are 2,35,735 voters .

According to the INSEC district representative Shiva Raj Dhungana of Achham, in all 10 districts under the province number 7, the political parties registered their candidacy with enthusiasm and excitement along with band and music. The Election office said that the nomination was registered in four municipality, six village councils and 91 wards.

 The registration of candidate nomination process was concluded in a peaceful environment according to CDO Shankar Bahadur Bista. In Achham district, 47 polling centers are categorized as very sensitive, 66 of them are categorized as sensitive and 16 are normal. There are 1, 27,742 voters in Achham district along with 185 polling centers.


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