Sunday , 17th February 2019

Sunday , 17th February 2019

Nine polling stations of east and 17 of west Rukum Tagged as Very sensitive

November 10, 2017 By INSEC

Nine polling stations of east and 17 of west Rukum are tagged as Very sensitive according to the assistant CDO Sher Bahadur Pun. He said that out of 73 polling stations of Rukum (West), nine are categorized as very sensitive.

Acting CDO Pun said that 57 polling stations are sensitive and seven are categorized as normal. He added that based on the sensitivity, the security strategies has been made and security has been mobilized in the area.

In Rukum (west), there are 111 polling centers in 73 polling stations. Similarly, out of 31 polling stations in east Rukum, 17 are very sensitive, 12 are sensitive and two are categorized as normal according to CDO Bhupendra Sapkota of Rukum (east). In these polling stations, 42 polling centers are maintained.

There are more sensitive polling station in east Rukum due to its geographical proximity as compared to west Rukum.


Manisha KC