NHRC Urges to save Ganga Maya’s life

  July 5, 2018 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged government and drawn its attention to take necessary step to save life of Ganga Maya. She is in a fast-on-to death strike from a long time in a Bir Hospital Kathmandu and her condition is deteriorating according to the hospital source.

The commission has released a press statement on July 5 and alerted the government that her condition is getting worst. “The monitoring from NHRC has found that her situation is deteriorating day by day due to the hunger strike”, the statement says.

The commission stated that non-implementation of Supreme Court’s verdict in very sensitive issues such as killing of Krishna Prasad Adhikari, son of Gangamaya, despite of commission’s correspondence is very sad.

“The apathy shown by the government to address the demand of Gangamay has raised serious questions on its credibility to the international commitment that it has made. Disrespecting the verdict of judiciary has made the mockery of the democratic state”, the statement says.

Meanwhile, on July 5, the commission has also shown the concern over the health condition of Dr Govinda KC who is also in a hunger strike demanding the reformation of the health services.


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