NHRC stresses on implementing recomentations

  July 20, 2017 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has said that its attention was drawn seriously towards the government’s move of promoting and awarding those involved in human right violation.
Holding a discussion with Nepal Police Chief and Joint-Secretary of the Home Ministry on Thursday, the NHRC said that its attention was drawn toward such move of the government.
The NHRC also said that it was serious towards meagre implementation of the recommendations made in different dates from the concerned bodies.
On the occasion, NHRC Chairman Anupraj Sharma, said that promoting and awarding the people involved in serious human rights violations including murder and torture, whom the NHRC had recommended to the government for the action, was a serious matter.
Urging the government to take the recommendation made by the NHRC seriously, Sharma drew special attention on various incidents including filing only a murder case against the guilty on murder after rape of Suntali Tamang.
Inspector General of Police, Prakash Aryal, expressed commitment to addressing the directives and recommendation of the NHRC taking them seriously.